WARNING! Fake being offered on swap.cat

In English

As of November 6, 2021 there were one or more malicious actors creating fake tokens for sale on swap.cat (and they could potentially be for sale elsewhere).

We ask that our members be extremely careful with token purchases outside the platform.

On LevinSwap, if you use the token list integration into Levinswap, you will have the correct tokens issued by. Please do not manually add tokens to Levinswap without being sure of the contract you are adding is authentic.

This SCAM does not pose a security problem for our members that own tokens. The thief or thieves are attempting to trick investors with the token name to entice buyers to buy their fake tokens.

If you buy these fake tokens, this money is lost and the fake tokens will be of no financial value.

This does not reflect the overall service that swap.cat offers for it’s users, but we recommend not using swap.cat until we can provide more information.

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