MAGENTA - 3 Bedroom Bungalow + BQ



Property Highlights

Property price $35,000,000.00
Property Amenities Shared Swimming Pool, Gym, Alarm
Property Purchase type Recurring Plans
Property address Ajah, Lasgos State
All financial statements of property yield are best estimates based on current conditions, and can change at any time. We are targeting the above yield for investors; however, no assurance can be given that you will obtain any return on investment, and there is a risk that you can lose your entire investment.
Property Type apartment
Construction Completed 01/05/2024
Notable Landmarks Lekki Express,Shoprite Santego,Sky Mall
Square Feet 300
Bedroom/Bath 3/3
Parking 2
Balcony yes
Property Status OffPlan

Property Financials

Administrative cost fees (Agents) $1,500,000.00
Property Amenities $1,500,000.00
Property Price $3,800,000.00

Property Details

Lot Size 300
Construction Type Built
Foundation Concrete Slab Foundations
Roof Type Swiss Roofing Sheet
Parking Yes
Interior Size -
Heating -
Cooling -

Property Description

great listing

About the Agent

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