What is Odinala Network?

Odinala Network aims to lead the blockchain digital revolution in new blockchain based markets. Hold our tokens and join the future of of DeFi & tokenized real estate.

Our platforms will create opportunities and entry for investors into these new emerging crypto markets.

The Odinala team bring together years of experience in financial services, real estate and cryptocurrencies.

Problems & Solutions


Blockchain has changed the world , disruption to financial services and subsequent widespread application across industries, it's hard to find a segment that has not been influenced by the technology.

Cryptocurrencies and Defi have made a strong impact on trading, banking , remittances, and foreign exchange. DeFi has changed the games , challenging existing financial products such as loans, borrowing, trading, and more.

Real estate hasn't escaped blockchain disruption either. Previously, transacting high value assets such as real estate exclusively through digital channels has never been the norm. Real estate transactions are often conducted offline involving face-to-face engagements with various entities. Blockchain, however, opened up ways to change this. The introduction of smart contracts in blockchain platforms now allows assets like real estate to be tokenized and be traded like cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether.

Through our solutions to plan to make it easy and accessible for all investor to be part of this disruptive emerging technology.

Solution 1

Odinala marketplace

The Evolution of Ownership is the new digital economy. Earn yield profits through fractional and frictionless investing on real word assets tokenized on the blockchain. For the first time, investors around the globe can buy into the real estate market through fully-compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership viewable on the blockchain. Holders of the Odinala token will be whitelisted for first assets on the platform and enjoy 5-15% discount on assets in our marketplace.


Solution 2

Odinala Exchange

The vision for Odinala is to be a revolutionary decentralised exchange aimed at pushing mass adoption in developing markets. Our trading platform that aims to widely bring cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets to people through easy to use decentralised application.We enable the trades to occur directly between users through an automated process. Our Dex will be trademarked by its speed and reliability of transactions. Allowing users security in trading or cross border remittances. We have begun testing feasibility of creating our project using the avalanche consensus protocol.

  • P2P trading
  • Cross border remittances
  • Collateralized Lending.
  • Completely trustless.
  • Low cost fees.
  • Whitepaper

    To find out more about our plans for the Odinala Network, please download our whitepaper.


    Implementation Sheet

    Below is the plan to reach odinala network success. Find all key date and events on our roadmap:

    Q2 2020
    Private fundraiser for project launch
    Development team formation
    Targeted Market research
    Economic Regulation Analysis
    Q3 2020
    Website goes live
    Finalised whitepaper and launch
    Partnerships & Advisors formation
    ODN Token Sale
    Q4 2020
    Initial Exchange Listing
    Github Code release
    Registration of property management company
    Full Marketing Campaign begins
    Odinala Mainnet development
    End to end testing of marketplace
    User testing & Odinala Marketplace Launch
    Live Now
    Q1 2021
    Partner with financial institutions in target markets.
    Finalize and Launch Odinala Mainnet
    User testing of Odinala Dex.

    Token Distribution

    After some in-depth research and formulation these are our tokenomics. All team and advisor tokens will be locked and liquidity into uniswap. Check medium blog for more info.


    Token Allocation and Lock-ups

    Consensus Rewards — 1 500 000 ODN (18.75%): Allocated for Validators, Hodlers, and Stakers rewards on ODN blockchain.

    Liquidity and Reserve — 1,000,000 ODN (12.5%): Allocated for exchange needs, such as market-making deposits or Uniswap liquidity pools. Locked until launch of DEX.

    Marketing and Promotions — 800 000 ODN (10%): .Unlocked, but the address is available for the public and any transfers from this wallet will be announced in advance. This will be used to promote ODN token and confirm contract deals with current influencers on our pipeline.

    Team — 800 000 ODN (10%): Locked until September 2021 after mainnet release and released annually after that.

    Advisor — 400 000 ODN (5%): Locked until September 2021 after mainnet release and released annually after that.

    Total supply: 8,000,000 ODN

    Pre-sale 1 — (1,500,000 ODN (18.75%): 1 ETH = 4053 ODN

    Pre-sale 2 — (500,000 ODN (6.25%): 1 ETH = 3695 ODN

    Pre-sale 3 — (500,000 ODN (6.25%): 1 ETH = 3359 ODN

    Public sale — ( 1,000, 000 ODN 12.5%): 1 ETH = 2925 ODN

    Initial circulating supply: 4,300,000 ODN


    Odinala Team

    Due to the geographic locations of the team and current work obligations.
    We have chosen to remain non public until these are cleared. However we will
    work extensively with the current partners and we have a hope to go fully public
    before the launch of our marketplace.


    Experienced and
    Dedicated Professionals


    Years of combined experience


    Years of blockchain experience

    Business Development
    Lead Blockchain Engineer
    Software Engineer
    Tech Design
    Business Development
    Tadgh Riordan
    Blockchain Entrepreneur
    Uzo Udemba
    CEO of Investment Firm

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You asked, so we’ve answered.

    An ERC-20 token and the native token of the Odinala Network Ecosystem
    A team of talented individuals with years of experience across both blockchain and business acumens. Our team is located in different geographic locations, currently core members are based in Switzerland, Ireland , United Kingdom.
    We are committed to earning the trust and respect of our community. All Advisor , team, staking rewards and project reserve are vested and time locked. Look at the tokenomic blog for more information.
    All Team and advisor tokens have been timelocked to be released at 400k token annually for 3 years starting september 2021. Liquidity will be locked upon initial uniswap listing.

    Recent Blogs Posts

    Read our blogs to find out more about our token and incoming updates.

    Partnership Announcement — Ferrum Network

    We are excited to announce one of our latest partnerships to the community with the world renowned Ferrum Network, who we will be partnering with to provide staking capabilities from our initial listing.

    ferrum image
    How to invest — ODN

    At Odinala we will be merging two of the most disruptive emerging blockchain technologies. Our marketplace will be tokenizing real-estate assets and allowing people to invest what they are comfortable with to position even smaller investors in a jointly owned asset investment with other ODN token holders.

    how to image
    ODN — Odinala Network

    Odinala coin (ODN) is a blockchain solution with the objective to gain mass adoption in the digital transformation age by developing real life solutions that empower development. ODN coin aims to bridge the value gap between investors holding physical tangible assets and ODN coin in their digital wallet.

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