How To Protect Your Investments From Fraud

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Recently, our community has been targeted by some malicious people offering fake tokens that are of no value, who may have created false profiles or disguised themselves as support staff asking for personal information. They have been minting tokens that bear the same name as those issued by and selling those fake tokens on (a p2p exchange site).

is committed to the safety of our community and try to do everything we can to protect our members from malicious activities. does not offer private investment or financial advice, but we would like to remind you of some essential safety rules:

  • At no time will a member of the team contact you via private message and ask you for confidential information, such as phone number, credit card, private key, seed, pass phrase, code, password or other personal information.
  • NEVER disclose the private key, seed, or passphrase of your wallet to anyone under any circumstances.
  • If in doubt about a person contacting you or the authenticity of a token, reach out for a customer service representative by going to clicking on the orange chat box in the lower right corner (see image below or just peek in the right hand of your screen):

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